#YoungTeam – Discover

At Long Division we believe that music can change the world, and what better place to start than in your own home!

#YoungTeam Discover is a series of short music based activities. Some are quick sessions that can take as little as an hour and require no pre-existing musical ability, and some are longer and based around specific instruments. 

We’ve made some great tutorial videos with professional musicians to help you through. And if you want, you can also earn yourself a certificate for your hard work. 

Current Options:

Discover: Taster Sessions

Ideal for: Complete Beginners

These are a great way to learn the basics of some great musical skills, such as beatboxing, rapping and Irish drumming. You don’t need any equipment or experience, just jump in and give it a go!

Discover: The Great Wakefieldian Songbook

Ideal for: Guitarists of all levels

We’ve created a songbook featuring great music made by Wakefield musicians. You’ll download our songbook and get access to a library of tutorial videos. Your challenge? Learn how to play them for yourself, putting your own personal spin on it! All you need is your guitar, we’ll help you through the rest.