#YoungTeam AAA Programme underway

The 2022 edition of our AAA programme (now in its third year) is well underway. The team met for the first time at The Art House and have been busy making their own #YoungTeam tote bags, meeting working industry folk such as our very own Eva Davies (Come Play With Me, Musician), Eve Creighton (Clothcat, Musician) and previous #YoungTeam graduate Daisy Dorothy (Musician, Photographer, Promoter). They visited Wah Wah Records in the city, buying a vinyl and writing about why it was an important record to them. They have begun planning their final project, which will happen at Wakefield Live Festival on September 17th – they have a space in The Ridings Shopping centre and a budget of £500 to work with.

They’ve also been attending live events as a team in the city, including the sold-out Bodys show at Chantry Chapel.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next en route to earning their Silver Level Arts Award. Go #YoungTeam!