#YoungTeam is Long Division’s education department. Our mission is to use music to inspire and educate young people, empowering them to find their voices and create their own culture. 

We run face to face and digital projects that vary from a couple of hours to a few months in duration and are suitable for a range of age groups from 5 to 25.

At Long Division we believe that music does people good, and music can change the world, and so all our #YoungTeam projects are free, and are built around the Arts Award format, meaning they all result in a qualification.

Our programmes aim to give any young person the chance to:  

See Music – we have a commitment to ensure young people can experience live music by professionals and discover music that is new to them. 

Make Music – we will provide opportunities for young people to try making their own music and perform it. 

Take Music further – we give young people skills, knowledge and opportunity, to make music a career and create their own culture in their own city.

We run a range of programme strands, from in depth 3 month programmes, to a couple of hour drop-ins – click on the programme title for more detail.


…or “Access All Areas”, because students on AAA do so much! They will take on creative challenges, such as setting up an art exhibition, take part in Industry days to meet all manner of professional creatives (record labels, artists, PR people, musicians), attend live events and ultimately, in their final project, present a live event of their own at our very own festival. AAA is our ultimate DIY programme – guiding young people to create their own culture!


Brand new in 2021, Amplify is our programme focused on the next generation of musicians. We team up our young people with established, professional musicians, deliver songwriting and performance workshops, and then set them loose in rehearsal spaces to create a full set to perform at our festival! The focus is ‘real-world’ musicianship – out of the classroom, creating with friends, getting gigs and making it happen. A Bronze Level Arts Award.


Our Soundcheck programme sees us taking live music direct into schools. That means young people spending the day with a professional musician, hearing about their life and influences, seeing them perform, learning their skills and ultimately performing themselves! This isn’t your regular music lesson! Can be completed as an Explore Level Arts Award. 


An exciting series of socials (sometimes in person, sometimes online) aimed at 14 – 18 year olds. Each week will feature a special guest who will work with the group to talk about Songwriting techniques and styles and encourage participants to create and share work, but in a very informal and fun atmosphere!


Discover are short online video experiences built around learning new skills and are presented by professional musicians and creatives from our own community. Some mini-projects can be completed in a couple of hours; some may require a day or more, but are ideally suited for young people at home, and are great for parent / guardians to join in too. 





Our work is funded by Youth Music, Arts Council England, and Wakefield Community Foundation. 

Thanks to this support all our programmes are currently free to participate in.