Two Records Released Today

Today Long Division: Music releases not one, but TWO records. Here’s what going on:

“New Addition Vol.2” is our second vinyl compilation. It is open for pre-orders today and features 10 emerging artists that would have appeared at LD2020. As with vol.1 it’s a little treasure trove of new sounds and All The Profits Go To All The Bands. Thanks to the support of Last Night From Glasgow it is still possible to release this during the current crisis. Features Cowgirl PRIESTGATE Lemon Drink Life Model Mt. Misery In The Morning Lights Bunkerpop Macroscope Band and The State of Georgia

A Romantic Destination” was a very special one-off live show we commissioned Jamie Lockhart of mi mye to create for LD2018. It told the story of a songbook that had been passed down through the generations of his family for (at least) 166 years, whilst also reflecting on his time as a Wakefieldian. It’s available on a Pay What You Feel basis, with all income going towards keeping Long Division going in 2020.

Both can be found at