Soundcheck is one of the most fun parts of Long Division’s work. It’s the point where we can take Long Division right into schools and work directly with brilliant young people.

We work with rap artist Leon Rhymes who has performed across the world as Too Many T’s. The full day includes a set from Leon, time writing and working with students on vocal techniques, writing styles and self expression.

Students also learn about the music industry from Leon himself and staff from Long Division also attended to share their experience of organising live music events in Wakefield City Centre over the last 10 years.

The day often “raps” up with the young people dropping their own rhymes – check out this track from City Fields:

Mrs H Le Page from Outwood Academy City Fields: “It’s helps to share creativity and give students ideas about performing and technique. They were able to develop lyrics and then consider composition ideas for a track that were given a part of. It is brilliant for students to see actual musicians and members of the music industry and learn how people can get into different roles etc.It was inspiring for everyone and it was fun!

Ava (student): “The performance was amazing – Leon is a really good rapper. It was great to be able to experience a live performance, since I haven’t really been to one before :)We made our own version of “Tougher Than”, one of Leon’s raps. It was a lot of fun – I really enjoyed making up and recording my own lyrics!”

Each student who takes part will achieve an Explore Level Arts Award (Entry Level 3) accredited by Long Division Festival and Trinity College London.

The Technical Stuff

Suitable for KS3 – 5 

Work undertaken can be:  

  • Used directly to evidence BTEC Level 2 Tech Award Music Component 1: Exploring music products and styles 
  • Used as part of teaching for all 3 GCSE Music Components, Understanding, Performing, and Composing music. 
  • Used as supporting work for Btec Level 3 or A Level Music
  • A complement to the KS3 Music National Curriculum
  • Part of an extra-curricular, reward, or intervention project

Young people produce evidence in their Long Division Logbook to show their experiences of:

  • Participating in arts activities, including a personal response about what they have learnt from taking part
  • Learning about arts organisations, artists, and their work
  • creating a piece of their own art work
  • Identification of what they have enjoyed and/or achieved, and their communication of this to others

If you are a teacher or facilitator who would like to run ‘Soundcheck’ in your setting – contact Paul on and we can arrange a visit