The Great Wakefieldian Songbook Vol.1

The Great Wakefieldian Songbook Vol.1 was compiled by Long Division in the Summer of 2020. It contains 20 songs from Wakefield artists, including chords, lyrics, bios and photos. It is available through Long Divisions Bandcamp. 

Given the spread of the release of the songs (over 35 years), for ease, we have tried to compile the featured tracks into a playlist.


Note that the YouTube playlist does not include Librarian Girl by The Research or My Beautiful Kebab House by Brick Supply.


Note that Film & TV by The Whippets, Music For No One by ODAS, UBelter by Chopper and My Beautiful Kebab House are not available on Spotify. The version of Ubelter here is by Protectors.

My Beautiful Kebab House is available through the bands own website here.