We are proud to work with a wide range of organisations to make our work possible. These include funders of our core work and individual projects, sponsors of the festival and business / development support for us as an organisation.

Arts Council England: Support for two years of project work (2021-2022) and to survive Covid via the Cultural Recovery Fund was essential to Long Division. We’ve also been supported via the Grassroots Music Fund, which we applied for on behalf of a consortium we founded. This allowed three promoters in the city (Bodys, Philophobia Music and Wakefield Jazz) to recieve ACE support for the first time and have shows funded across a 12 month period.

Youth Music: 2023 will see us undertake our second Incubator project with Youth Music. This allows us to employ three young people (U25) for between 6-9 months. Our first Incubator saw the three staff members be given high levels of responsibility and autonomy, allowing us to become a youth led organisation.

Wakefield Council: Supported our purchase of a City PA, intended to support local artists and promoters by offering free or low cost hire of technical equipment for live events and also supported a Summer of activity in 2022.

Tileyard North: Our major sponsor within Wakefield, we worked with them to present stages at Long Division Festivals and in 2022 created the new Multiply event, an informal networking opportunity also involving DIY magazine.

Wakefield College: Long time sponsors of our festival, we love working with them and their students to share opportunities. They are also great supporters of our education programme #YoungTeam.

Leeds Conservatoire: Festival sponsors, we work with LC to also provide employment and performance opportunities at our events.

Yorkshire Music Forum: We partner with the members of Yorkshire Music Forum to programme a stage of their best emerging artists at our annual festival.

The Association Of Independent Festivals: We are a paying member of AIF, which supports independent festivals across the UK.

Wakefield LCEP: We are a founding member of Wakefield’s Local Cultural Education Partnership.

Wakefield Music Hub: We sit on the board of the Wakefield Music Services Strategic Overview Board.

We’re also grateful to have previously recieved support from Wakefield Community Foundation, Big Lottery and Prosper North.