New Festival: Wakefield Live

We decided one city festival enough wasn’t enough stress and work for us, so we’ve created another; Wakefield Live!

Although on the surface it is similar to Long Division (city centre based, all day, on a Saturday) they are intended to be distinct. Wakefield Live will be a much more democratic proposition, with anyone and anywhere being able to get involved. The only rules are that all events must be free to attend.

Long Division Festival can be limiting in that we have to make a certain number of our decisions around selling tickets. Also, there are limited spaces for artists, and limited spaces for things to happen when we need venues to be closed off to none ticket holders.

Wakefield Live is intended to be an entry level event for creatives; no pressure to sell tickets or battles for limited slots. It also extends the remit to well beyond music.

To add to this, we’ve secured some small pots of funding designed to encourage new promoters to give live music a go. These can be taken by individuals or potentially venues with new ideas.

As we won’t be booking too much ourselves, we will act as a central point to promote the event as a whole but also offering support where we can.

The website is now live if you want to find out more.