New Addition Vol.2 Released

Our new vinyl compilation is released on August 21st. New Addition Vol 2. follows on from 2019s brilliant ten track comp, with the same format of featuring ten artists performing at this year’s festival. Except, of course, there is no festival this year. But we still wanted to release the record to support and show off ten brilliant emerging artists and because we all need music in our lives now, more than ever.

The model of the New Addition records is that once the record hits profit (which this already has, thanks to support from Last Night From Glasgow), all income is shared equally between the artists. The record costs £15 and always will – fantastic value for the greatest physical format.

The artists on the new record are Cowgirl, PRIESTGATE, Life Model, Lemon Drink, Mt.Doubt, HerTiltedMoons, In The Morning Lights, Bunkerpop, Macroscope and The State Of Georgia and it is available to purchase now (including digital download) through our Bandcamp, or available to stream through all major platforms.