Crowdfunder Success

Once it was clear we needed to postpone LD2020 once again, it was also clear that 2020 would be difficult for us to see out. The money we’d already sunk into the original edition of the festival, plus those we had committed to pay beyond meant things looked really tricky for us.

We turned to Crowdfunding once before, back in 2015, with great success. But we questioned if we should and could do it again. The difference now is that everyone is facing difficult times, not just us.

But as it turned out, we were overwhelmed with the amazing support we received, with our initial goal of £6000 being smashed and just over £7300 raised in total. It was an amount that was simultaneously small and large. Some festivals have been raising well in excess of £100,000 and the government has been bailing out in the billions. But for us, that was just what we needed to see us through the year.

Our huge thanks to the just over 200 people who put their faith in us. This secures not just two more festivals but also the wealth of additional education, mentor and creative work we had secured at the start of the year.

We’re working hard now to fulfill all the rewards we dreamt up, whilst also making big plans for the future, whenever that may arrive.

Thanks once more to you all

Team Long Division