These are difficult times for many. As a cultural organisation that had secured funding and sponsorship around an event in June, and was expecting significant ticket income, this leaves us in a difficult situation. We have also had to postpone or cancel a range of other education and community activities that we were really excited about and would have made a pretty big impact to the people and places of Wakefield. Freelance staff that we were intending to employ are now without that work, and our core team is powering down for what might be a long summer.

But. we worked hard to ensure the festival can still take place in November; not just for ourselves, but for the artists we will be paying and the massive impact it will have on revitalising Wakefield’s many businesses. Waiting until June 2021 was not an option for us.

However, despite great support from our friends and partners, we’ve inevitably spent a fair amount of money on the June Long Division that cannot be recouped.

So we are asking for your help. But we can offer plenty in return! We wholeheartedly accept some organisations and people need your help more than us and as a team we’ll also look to support them in these difficult times. But, if you have the means, there are three ways to helps us:

  1. Buy one of our compilations. These vary from Pay What You Feel records to our most recent vinyl compilation for £15. The older records have some great tracks, including some from headliners. 155 tracks available as Pay What You Feel – great value and plenty to explore!
  2. Buy your November 2020 ticket. We know it’s human nature to wait until the last minute, but if you buy in advance, it really helps secure our future and build confidence in the event.
  3. Become a Patron. This varies from £2 – £8 a month and is a great way to offer consistent support. Plus, it comes with lots of perks.

We were on the brink of something great this year. We’d just employed our first new staff, secured funding for a City PA to kickstart grassroots music and were about to deliver our second education programme. These things will still happen, but only if we can keep going as a business.

Thank you so much for reading and take care of yourselves.

Team Long Division