Artist Commissions

Thanks to support from Arts Council England, Long Division is commissioning a number of artworks, projects and performances in 2020-21 by artists and collectives for the festival and throughout the year. 


We are looking for two musicians to record a series of filmed performances to form an online resource in connection with our #YoungTeam education work. Using our recently published “The Great Wakefieldian Songbook”, the musicians will each create 10 tutorials of how to play the songs on acoustic guitar. Each video will include an introduction, an exploration of any notable chords or challenges within the song, followed by a performance of the song in full. Playlists of the songs included can be found here.

The performances will be recorded by a professional film-maker. They will then be made available to participants in the education programme, alongside a digital version of the Songbook, with the intention that they will learn to play a version of the song themselves.

The applicant will need to present in an engaging way, have adequate ability to learn and perform the songs and have their own instrument. We are looking for two performers with different gender identities from one another. Recording will take place in November / December 2020. 

Long Division will provide a digital and physical copy of the book as required. Payment for the work is £350, receivable once the work is filmed. If you are interested, please apply here. The deadline for submission is midnight on October 25th and priority is given to people living / working in Wakefield, then the surrounding areas.