Access All Areas

Learn how to stage live events in Wakefield on our award winning course for young people  

Go behind the scenes at Long Division, get creative, run events, have fun.

Make things happen!

Whether you want to run something small or large, from intimate gigs to a big festival like Long Division, whether you want to showcase other people’s work; or your own, this programme will help you.
Go to live gigs, take on a creative challenge, meet industry professionals, test your leadership skills, and make new connections in your city.

By the end of our award-winning, Guardian-featured Access All Areas programme, you’ll be well equipped to create your own culture!

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The next AAA programme will run in Spring 2023!

  • Daisy Fanthorpe undertaking work experience with Long Division

Find out about Long Division and Wakefield Culture!

On Access All Areas, you  get to do a bit of everything. And you get to access behind the scenes of Long Division. You’ll go to Wakefield Museum, Wakefield College, Wakefield Music Centre, The Art House and more; learn screen printing and music making, share playlists, do a venue tour, and more. Oh, and you’ll meet team LD and be helping out at the LD events too of course!

Pick out vinyls!

As a group, you’ll go to Wah Wah Records and pick out vinyls you each think are influential. You will exhibit them to the public with some text that very same day. One day done, one music exhibition, done. 

You’ll be doing a group exhibition where each vinyl is one piece of the whole, so be prepared to back up your thoughts!

Go to gigs!

Over the following weeks you’ll get the chance to attend live events; from museum exhibitions to theatre performances, to festivals celebrating food and drink, and poetry readings. And of course – plenty of music gigs – all of these events spring from the set of skills you’ll be developing here, and from this wide range there’ll be things you can study that’ll be valuable going forward – how did they do this, how did they do that? What parts would I want to replicate or leave out with an event of my own?

Get creative!

For the creative challenge, you’ll explore outside your current skillset, and present this new work to an audience.

For many people this can mean exploring another aspect of music they’re unfamiliar with – like mixing, song-writing, or playing a certain instrument – but it could equally be something like compiling an exhibit, designing an album cover, or photographing a new band. It doesn’t even have to be music related. 

Work with professionals!

Throughout AAA  you will meet a range of professional creatives, get insight into the range of roles available in creative industries and how people find careers there. In past years we’ve had textile designers, creative producers, the head of a PR company, record label bosses, educators, theatre producers, photographers, marketing managers, music students and more.
These people will form your new network of contacts, you’ll take their details away, and can get in touch with them after programme.

Stage your own event!

For the leadership challenge you’ll be planning, and running your own unique live event – think of running a workshop, or an auction, setting up a charity event or managing a gig; you’ll be in a leadership role, liaising with people in order to get things done. You’ll learn how to make bookings, budget, promote, coordinate and problem solve. You can be innovative and creative. You’ll present your challenge to the public at Long Division Festival and Wakefield Live!

  • Callum AAA 2019, runs the desk for his leadership challenge

After AAA

Through AAA you’ll achieve Silver Arts Award (GCSE Level) and Long Division will support you to go on and do more with the skills and experiences you’ve gained. 

You will have a network of professional creatives you can contact to work with. 

If you want to put on more gigs in Wakefield, we’ll mentor you, and help provide equipment. There’ll be opportunities to help out at our events, and chances for paid work with us too. 

The qualification, and portfolio work you produce is useful for building a CV and to support college / university applications. We can even help you write statements about what you’ve done with us. 

So where can AAA take you?

  • Lucy performed in two theatre productions for Creative Wakefield, and delivered a photo commission for We Are… before applying to study Acting and Performance at Sheffield Hallam University.

For more detailed examples of what AAA involves, take a look at what #YoungTeam 2019 experienced, or check out this 2021 alumni’s portfolio work.

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Parent feedback: “A massive THANK YOU for today… today my daughter said has been the best day and the most fun she has ever had hahaha! She is absolutely BUZZING and says she loves Wakefield and everyone she’s met!

Participant feedback: “I’ve met so many amazing people from Long Division’s programme, and as a result of it too. It has opened so many opportunities to meet new people, I’ll be forever grateful for it. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Long Division, and I wouldn’t have met half of the people I now call friends. 🙂 ” – Daisy

Participant feedback: “I do music at college and we’ve done the business side as one of our modules. Putting on gigs, that kind of thing. Then I came across this advert for Amplify / Access All Areas where you could watch Paul (Bateson) and Dean (Freeman, Long Division founder) putting on the gigs, and I soon realized that’s what I want to do when I finish college. So that’s what I’m really focused on. What goes on behind the scenes that people don’t actually see. I want to work in music when I finish full time education. If it wasn’t for Long Division I wouldn’t have realised how many venues there actually are in Wakefield.” – Ruby

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