Long Division Central: Designer

About Long Division Festival

Long Division Festival formed in 2011 and is a city centre festival focused on promoting grassroots music and culture. It is an award winning event and the largest music and culture festival in Wakefield.

About the role

Since relaunching in 2018, we have increasingly sought to attract and welcome younger family audiences by programming accessible activity alongside our predominantly music based lineup. In 2019 our central marquee hosted small workshops, drop in sessions, play spaces and performances and in 2020 we seek to expand upon this.

We will be using the former Food Hall – a currently empty space – as our central location for this activity. Alongside the former Market Hall next door, which will host our main stage, this area will be known as Long Division: Central. There is a huge opportunity to create something engaging and exciting within this space, which will be decorated around the broad theme of our tenth birthday / event.

We are looking for a company or individual to design the visual aspects of this space for use on the main weekend of the festival (June 6th and 7th). It will be a free access space marketed to families, but will also host our main box office, ensuring all participants attend. A separate role of Long Division Central: Programmer will develop the content of this space on the same timeline as this role. We expect it will contain a range of activities, games, workshops, talks, stalls and social spaces.

The design should consider the following:

  • A broad theme of “10th Birthday” to celebrate Long Division 2020 being our tenth festival.
  • Can include projections, decorations, sculpture, interactive elements – we are very open to what the response could be.
  • Should focus on creativity, community and being engaging for young families, so it sits alongside the programmed element of the space, which focuses on this audience.
  • A connection to our core brand.

The role includes:

  • The design, creation and installation of all visual elements within the space.
  • Ensuring all decorations and designs adhere to all H&S requirements.
  • Keeping within specified budget.
  • Related H&S documentation provided to the festival.
  • Coordination with the wider team, in particular the Central Programmer who will be coordinating activity in the space during the weekend.
  • Manage any external contracts or workers involved in the design and installation.

The Central Designer role will report to the Festival Director and one other Board Member.

Skills / Experience

The Long Division Central location is an important aspect of our tenth festival and we’d seek someone with previous experience.

We expect the role to be predominantly undertaken remotely, though we will be able to offer hotdesking space in Wakefield City Centre. We welcome applications from anywhere but as we are committed to developing local creatives and designers, will favour applicants from Wakefield and surrounding areas where appropriate.


The festival takes place June 6th and 7th. Entrance to the space – for installation of designs, work etc – will be possible on June 5th. We will not be able to provide storage or workshop space prior to this. We would like to begin planning the design of the Long Division location as soon as possible from appointment.


Note that the space can be accessed with prior arrangement with Wakefield Council but is based upon their availability. The space is in public use for Wakefield’s Rhubarb Festival from Feb 17th – 23rd for a full viewing.

Fee & Days

The budget for this work is £2500 for this role, which includes all aspects of the work, including artist fees, materials, any additional staff etc. We cannot provide expenses in relation to this role but will provide resources (such as hot desking) as much as possible.


For this role we are most interested in seeing visual examples of your previous work. Please send a CV and Covering Letter including any additional links to your previous works and / or designs by Midday on March 9th to longdivisionfestival@gmail.com with the subject line “Application – Long Division Central: Designer”.

Long Division Festival is run by Long Division CIC. This role is funded by Arts Council England.