LD:TV was our way of celebrating our tenth birthday, shouting out to the power of live music and community and saying thank you to the many people that have supported us through these difficult times.

As the festival was unable to take place due to Covid-19, we instead created a series of episodes and livestreams to share the occasion with the world. Our Director Dean contacted a range of artists past and present to create a performance based main feature, but also reached out to the wider music industry to create an episode dedicated to the current climate, in order to offer advice, guidance and support for artists and others in the industry.

We worked with Never.No to build in interactivity into the live and pre-recorded elements, collecting audience tweets and comments and integrating them into the broadcast. We built our own mini studio in the back of a van – creating this during lockdown was a challenge!

All content encouraged those watching to donate to a range of good causes. Though the donation links will now have closed, all the content is available to watch through our LD:TV YouTube playlist.

Livesteam: Samh

A live streamed ‘support act’ to the evening pre-record from Knuckle (30 mins)

Episode One: Knuckle Live At Warehouse 23

Originally co-promoted by Long Division with the band back in November 2019, this was the premiere of the live film of that show. Ideally suited to lockdown, it captured the excitement of the bands largest show to date. (70 mins)

Episode Two: Let’s Talk About Music

A selection of bitesize conversations with a range of people working at all levels of the UK music industry, including Help Musicians, Production Park, Bodys, Come Play With Me, BBC Introducing, journalists Charlotte Gunn and John Robb, Counselling Psychotherapist Chris Madden, The Association Of Independent Festivals, Rhubarb House Design and Music: Leeds. Extended cuts of the interviews were later added to our YouTube channel. (70 mins)

Livestream: Birthday Q&A

Festival Director Dean Freeman was joined by board members Ruth Jones and Paul Bateson who have both worked on the festival since its early years to take questions from the public and reflect on the years since the idea was dreamed up in 2010. They were also joined by guests Alan Raw (BBC Introducing) and Adam Hayward (Copy Paste Repeat). (75 mins)

Episode Three: Long Division Festival

As close to recreating the festival experience as we were able to manage, the final episode featured a wide range of artists from festivals past and present. All contributed specially recorded sessions, sending them from all over the UK. (105 mins)