CRF Funding Confirmed

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in securing crucial funding through the Arts Council Cultural Recovery Fund. This will ensure we are able to transition from the largely dormant organisation we have been over the last 12 months, to one that will support thew return of live music and music education here in Wakefield over the rest of 2021, and beyond.

It’s been a tough year for everyone. Our solution had to involve going into hibernation – alongside the odd bit of fundraising for which we are eternally grateful to our supporters. But as Winter began to leave, we were in a position where we needed to get back to work.

Those who follow us more regularly will know we were successful in putting together a large project at the start of 2020 that combined lots of funding sources. It was a multi-faceted project combining support from many sources that would see us massively expand our work across 2020/21.

Keeping that funding in place and pushing back a year felt like it would solve the problem. But as 2021 kicked off with what felt like the longest and darkest winter in memory, we were falling behind in that work, with no resources (people or funds) to kickstart it properly.

Now we can and we’re delighted to have our work noted as culturally important. However, we’re also mindful that there are lots of organisations that were not successful and this announcement of 2700 organisations receiving millions of pounds is by no means an end point, just another stop-off on the road to some form of recovery.

We offer our thanks too to Paul at The Association Of Independent Festivals for their support through the process.

Take Care,

Team Long Division