Artist Commissions

Thanks to support from Arts Council England, Long Division is commissioning a number of artworks, projects and performances in 2020/21 by artists and collectives with a WF postcode, to create new work for the festival and throughout the year. 

For the first commission, we are looking for a creative response from an artist or collective to produce a time capsule for our “10th Birthday”, to celebrate Long Division 2020 being our tenth festival.

A time capsule is a container that is filled with objects considered to be typical of the present period in history. It is then buried or hidden, so that it can be dug up or brought out of storage and studied much later. 

The time capsule will be housed in the former Wakefield Market Hall during Long Division Festival weekend on June 6th and 7th. The time-capsule will likely take a physical form, but could also be film, digital or web based. What the time-capsule looks like, what’s inside it and how it’s interactive is for you to determine.

2019 Commission by Richard Wheater

It needs to have an engaging and interactive element to collect things for the time-capsule, which can take place before and/or just during the festival itself. We’d like the artist(s) to collect memories, stories, images, objects from people that look back at and celebrate Wakefield District’s history with music and culture, in particular Long Division Festival, but that also look forward, and collect predictions from people for what Wakefield may look like musically in the year 2030 and beyond.

Once produced, Long Division will own this piece of work, and will be responsible for storing and maintaining the time-capsule after the festival, with the plan of being back on display in 2030 to celebrate Long Division’s 20th birthday. You will need to consider this in your design, ensuring the time-capsule will have a long life-span and won’t deteriorate quickly. Credit will be given to the artist(s) whenever the time-capsule is exhibited or shown in the future.

You and your work will be part of Long Division’s evolution towards a festival that includes the wider arts and celebrates culture. Your work will be a proud part of our programme and will be promoted alongside our national headliners and performers.

Long Division

We are able to offer a fee of £1000 for this commission. This fee is to include all aspects of the commission, including materials, creation and engagement at the festival, and the artist’s own fee (s).

The artist(s) will work with the Commission manager and Festival Director.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the opportunity further, please contact Commissions Manager Amy on


  • You or the majority of the group applying reside in a WF postcode.
  • You will create a time-capsule that can be enjoyed and participated with during Long Division Festival on June 6th and 7th 2020. 
  • You engage with the public and Long Division’s audiences to collect things (memory, objects, artworks, music etc) for the time-capsule. This can be before and/or during the festival. 
  • The time-capsule you design and create will last beyond the festival in storage
  • The work can be produced for a total of £1000 which must include artist fee(s). 

22nd March – Deadline for applications
27th March – Artists notified 

About Long Division Festival

Long Division Festival formed in 2011 and is a city centre festival focused on promoting grassroots music and culture. It is an award winning event and the largest music and culture festival in Wakefield.

Skills / Experience

As an organisation, a key aim is to support the development of others, especially in our home city of Wakefield. The commission requires some experience of running engagement projects and creating artworks, and working to schedule and budget is also important. Creating an end product that is of a high-quality and adheres to health and safety guidelines is crucial. 

We expect the commission to be predominantly created remotely, though we will be able to offer hot-desking space in Wakefield City Centre when needed. Space will be dedicated to you and the time-capsule in the former Wakefield Market Hall during the festival. 


The festival takes place June 6th and 7th 2020.  

Fee & Days

We are offering a fee of £1000 for this role. The artist(s) will be responsible for managing their own time and running the project. We cannot provide expenses in relation to this role but will provide resources (such as hot desking) as much as possible.


Entrance to the space – for installation of work and prep etc – will be possible on June 5th. Note that the space can be accessed with prior arrangement with Wakefield Council but is based upon their availability. The space is in public use for Wakefield’s Rhubarb Festival from Feb 17th – 23rd for a full viewing.


Please apply via this Google Doc. Any issues completing it, please let us know.